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Chile Enters Final Stage of 2027 Special Olympics World Games Bid

Santiago, Chile has advanced to the final stage of host evaluation for the 2027 Special Olympics World Games.

Special Olympics Chile will now develop a full bid for the world’s largest sport and humanitarian event, which expects over 6,000 Special Olympics athletes and Unified partners to compete in 22 sports over 10 days.

The bid from Chile has support from President of Chile Gabriel Boric Font; the Minister and Vice Ministers of Sport Jaime Pizarro and Antonia Illanes, respectively; the Governor of Santiago Claudio Orrego; the President of the National Olympic Committee of Chile Miguel Angel Mujica; and other Chilean government officials.

The International Board of Directors of Special Olympics voted to advance Santiago’s preliminary bid based on its inclusion legacy goals, host city characteristics, financial endorsements, competition venues, sport concepts, and a feasibility study.

“I am thrilled that yesterday the International Board of Directors of Special Olympics voted to advance Santiago’s preliminary bid for the 2027 World Games. If awarded, the World Games would take place in the Southern Hemisphere for the first time in the history of Special Olympics. The ambitious legacy this bid proposes will advance the growth of our movement tremendously .”
Timothy Shriver, Chairman of the Board

Santiago’s proposed legacy includes expansion of Special Olympics Chile into all 16 regions of the country; developing Unified Schools programming in at least 200 municipalities and 1,000 schools; increasing training about people with intellectual disabilities (ID) for law enforcement; improving education of primary healthcare professionals treating people with ID; and a series of actions to mobilize awareness and political commitment throughout Latin America.

If awarded to Santiago, the 2027 World Games would take place in the Southern hemisphere for the first time in the 55-year history of Special Olympics.

Upon evaluation of the final bid and comprehensive site visits, the International Board of Directors for Special Olympics will vote on awarding the flagship event to Santiago, Chile in early 2024.

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